Black Refuse Bags
Black Refuse Bags

If you are looking for black refuse bags to clear up the rubbish from your home or workplace, then you are at the right place!

Grangewood Plastic Packaging is the leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging products including Black refuse bags. We have been providing the superior quality bags since we have opened our doors to meet your needs.

We have Black sacks that are synonymous with clearing up waste.  Ranging from the ultra-light economy black sacks to ultra-thick heavy duty garbage sacks, we have every type of refuse bags to meet your needs. They are available in various sizes and shapes. These black plastic bags have been used as the primary means of waste collection, but their uses are far more wide-ranging.

  • These Black refuse bags are solely designed to meet your heavy-duty purposes.
  • You can also use them for biodegradable rubbish disposal.

They are made from recycled and reprocessed polythene material that makes these bags suitable for both domestic and commercial use. We use recycling, blending and extrusion techniques, etc. in their production and are hence independently tested to perform to measurable standards including appropriate thickness and weight.


Quality & Reliable Black Refuse Bags

These are not at all liable to any puncture, blow out. The best thing is that they don’t get tear or rip easily. All these bags are produced in the UK to ensure the top quality because we understand the mess that gets created when a sack splits. “We pride ourselves on our quality and service”. Therefore, you can easily rely on the quality aspects

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Black Refuse Bags
Black Refuse Bags
Black Refuse Bags


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