Looking for appropriate sheeting?? Grangewood Plastic Packaging is the perfect place to buy. We are the manufacturer and wholesale dealer of Sheeting including

  •  Temporary protection sheeting
  •  Damp Proof Membrane sheeting
  •  Flame Retardant Sheeting

Our Flame retardant sheeting and Damp Proof Membrane are laminated with molten polythene that makes it resistant to fire. They are made from 100% recycled Polythene. You can use these sheets for wrapping materials for protection during dispatch and on-site handling. They are incredibly strong with higher levels of tear resistance and increases service life. You can use it to protect your machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt. They are black in colour and are strong heat absorbers.


  •  Vapor barrier
  •  Durable
  •  Weather protection, concrete curing.
  •  Cost effective barrier against dust and dirt transfer.
  •  Ideal for use on construction materials and equipment.
  •  Excellent for protecting refurbishments or construction projects.

The best thing about them is that is easy to tailor, and all you need to do is to cut them into the shape of your choice. They are available in three gauges, Light, Medium and Heavy Duty. We supply them in large-format in the form of center-folded rolls which makes it easy for you to cut them as per the size you want.

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