Wheelie Bin Liners
Wheelie Bin Liners

Looking for liners for your Wheelie bins? We welcome you to the widest possible range of Wheelie bin liners that can store up to 1100 Litre liners.

Grangewood Plastic Packaging is the wholesale supplier of wheelie bin liners that help you to keep your bins hygienic and odour free. When the wheelie bin is collected for the trash collection, the liner quickly comes out, hence leaving your bin clean and fresh for next day use. You can also use it as a temporary solution for storing hazardous waste. All these liners are manufactured by keeping the quality aspects at the front and are perfect for your commercial as well as domestic purposes.

You can easily fill the bag to 70% full and can tie a knot using the remaining part. This will help in the clean and mess-free storage and transportation of the garbage.



  •  Available in black & clear
  •  240 liter 711mm x 1169mm x 1372mm: Light & Medium Duty
  •  Recycled, Biodegradable and Degradable liners are also available



  •  High Load Capacity
  •  Durable with extreme strength
  •  keep the smells out of your rubbish bin.
  •  Suitable for large wheelie bins.
  •  Easy tear off bags.
  •  Bags with no message printing.
  •  Multi-purpose and much more.

For further queries of Wheelie bins, please contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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