Refuse Sacks
Refuse Sacks

Interested in high-quality Refuse sacks? Then you are indeed at the right place! We welcome you to the world of Refuse sacks available as

  •  Black refuse sacks
  •  Clear refuse sacks
  •  Coloured sacks

Grangewood Plastic Packaging is a refuse sack manufacturer and supplier of Refuse sacks that are available in various colours and sizes. Though these Refuse sacks are used to collect trash, waste or rubbish yet, they can be utilised for various other purposes like for biodegradable garbage disposal, light building work, garden waste, for heavy-duty purposes and other domestic and commercial uses.


All the sacks are Strong, multipurpose and durable. They are water resistant and can hence easily handle wet rubbish or messy garbage.


All the liners are top quality with the appropriate thickness, weight capacity and dimensions.

  •  Light Duty: 4-6 kilos
  •  Medium Duty: 6-8 kilos
  •  Heavy Duty: 8-10 kilos.
  •  Extra Duty 10-12 kilo.

They are Available folded, poly packed or rolled as per your requirements and that too in very economical rates.

If you still find it tough to locate the Refuse sack that meets your requirements, you can freely contact us anytime. We will help to choose the right sack as per your needs.

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